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Howzatt Showdown

India Vs Pakistan           

Rules & Conditions

June 18th 2017

1.  An individual/group would only be allowed to participate after being seated at a table.

2.  One magic score per order only.

3.  The table's order will have to be placed before submitting the magic score.No more food            items can be added to that order after magic score is submitted.It would be considered as a      separate order and another magic score can be submitted.

4.  Once the magic score is submitted , it cannot be changed under any circumstances. 

5.  The 5 overs bracket starts from the first ball of the next over after the magic score is                    submitted.

     For example : If the magic score is submitted at 3.4 overs. The 5 over bracket would start from 4th to 8th over.The score        will be checked at end of 8th over. 

6.  As a courtesy ,the winner is +1 or - 1 run of the magic score.

     For example : If the magic score is submitted as 72 at the end of 12 overs , the winning scores of the customer will be           71 , 72 and 73 runs.

7.  The magic score is only valid for the number of runs and not the number of wickets.

8.  The showdown guessing is only valid until the score is 20 runs to the target.

9.  Once the order is placed and the magic score doesn't match the live score after 5 overs , full      price would have to be paid at the counter.

10.  The Howzatt showdown is only valid for the June 18th game.

11.We reserve the right to deny service to anybody

12. Ultimate decision lies with the management.

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